Re: OT: Activision terminates Star Trek license. Star Trek curse continues?

Richard Hutnik wrote:

Interesting bit.  The whole Star Trek franchise is going down the
dumper, and now Activision wants out.

Hmmm... the future of Star Trek action and strategy titles do appear
to be in some doubt.

- Richard Hutnik

The interesting part is they are blaming viacom because two of the
star trek series finished and a new series has started but gotten off
to a bad start.  Having a prequel in a universe with such an
established backstory doesn't leave much manuvering room.  some of the
devices in "Enterprise" don't fit with  what was seen in TOS.  some
episodes contradicted Cannon as well.  If there's going to be another
star trek TV series I hope they can find enough room to fit it into a
slot in the future after voyager and DS9.  I'm not sure what
Activision thinks this suit will accomplish.


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