Re: M.U.L.E. was an RTS

symantics if you like but the auction also had a timer.


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Wasn't RTS.

It did have a *timer*


The auction and Landgrab parts of MULE were done real-time.  The rest
of the game of buying and equipping was timer based turn based.

- Richard Hutnink

Stuff below is saved for context.

"Richard Hutnik" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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M.U.L.E. was actually an R.T.S.

There. I said it. I don't feel ashamed.

Jonah Falcon

Not in the sense that RTS is meant today (aka, a C&C-Warcraft clone).
BUT, it in the original sense, it was partly that.  The bidding was
simultaneous, as was some other parts, but the build order was done

Simcity and Populous were also real-time.

- Richard Hutnik