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I'm sorry if I'm just wasting bandwidth with this crosspost, and if
I offend anyone I'm truly sorry, but my curiousity is just too
great. I'd like to take an informal poll among gamers on how you
tend to vote in elections. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, a
mixture of them all? 

Who did you vote for in 2000? Bush? Gore? Nader? Romero? [LOL]

Who did I vote for? Bush. Why? Mainly because I was completely
against Lieberman and his censorship ideas that many other Democrats

Why dont you take your conservative bullshit and post it in the
politics newsgroups. 

I want to get a general feel of how the average gamer votes. I posted
this to the best and broadest gamer newsgroups to get the most
accurate opinion possible.

Hey Omphalos. I have a question for you. What coporation was Bush's and
the GOP's largest campaign contributor in 1999 and 2000?  

What do 50 high-level officials in the Bush administration have in
common other than the GOP,Bush and the state of Texas?

Since you don't want to answer my questions I will answer them for you.

I don't spend every waking moment on usenet like yourself.

Enron and Enron. 

So what? The bad accounting at Enron was going on for years before Bush
was elected and the Enron executives sure didn't get away with it.