Re: Ghost Master

"Jonah Falcon" <[email protected]> wrote in message
After playing the demo, it seems a nice twist on the Dungeon Master/Theme
Hospital type of game. Servicable, but at least different. The POV views
great, especially when you're using the POV of a panicky human (looking
around nervously, breathing heavy, etc.)

Jonah Falcon

Has the full version of this game been officially released in North America
yet?  For what it's worth, a local retail store here in Edmonton, Alberta
called CompuSmart (in the west end of the city) had this game on the new
release shelf back in June.  It was only there for a short amount of time
and hasn't been there since (at least not that I can tell), and I knew that
it wasn't supposed to be there at that point in time.  I knew it was
released in Europe (or at least the UK) and I thought maybe CompuSmart was
somehow able to import a few copies.