Re: Problem Installing RoN Demo

The prob is that I can install RoN demo on P3-500Mhz, not a P5-2.0Ghz.
Video card is the same, both work fine with P3-500Mhz.

"Paul Cassel" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
AC wrote:
The system hangs at "Initializing setup engine" and would not

The system setup is:

P5 2.0Gh;
Asus P4S533 mainboard;
512MB RAM;
60GB HD;
ATI Radeon 7500 64MB video, single monitor setup;
other all standard built-in or add-on components;
Running Win98SE;
System is up-to-date.

I also tried Matrox G400 video card, the same problem.

I tried both video cards with a P3-500Mhz old system and had no
problem with any of them. So I do not think video card is the problem.
Prob with the mainboard? What else could go wrong?

Thanks for any help.

IIRC, the RoN demo has difficulty with both those cards. I think the actual
game works with the Radeon, but not the Matrox.