Covert Action -really old game

I just got a hold of this old abandonware DOS game, and I must say it holds
up well.  I'd rate it as being right up there with X-com as a reason to keep
an old dosbox around.

I do have some strategy questions, though (I suspect not a lot of people are
playing this :-().  But perhaps some people will remember this from the old
days, and share some tips & experiences.

Anyway - onto my gameplay questions.

First off, are there any websites dedicated to this game, or FAQ writeups?

Is the driving skill useful at all?  I've been doing mostly break-ins.  I
find that I spend a lot of real time re-playing these break-in missions a
lot, even with taking the "expert" combat pick at character creation.

[any combat tips?  I'm just barely learning how to use gernades effectively,
and I'm only barely starting to experiment with booby traps].

In theory, it would seem nice to be able to avoid these difficult dangerous
missions using the "capture" option of driving (though I gather masterminds
don't leave the house enough for this to work on them).

However, the one experiment I did along those lines on the super-easy
difficulty level didn't work very well.  I am used to all the intelligence I
gather in the breakin missions (I try to carry a camera and safecracking
kit, unless the enemy is just too tough as evidenced by too many failures,
in which case I go for a gasmask and gas gernades, along with the uzi, vest,
and motion detector which I always carry).

It also took me a while to figure out how to actually accomplish the drive
capture as mentioned in the manual but I did manage.  Fortunately my test
subject was a black dude wearing shades, so he was distinctive enough for me
to eventually figure out the graphics.

Currently I pick expert in combat and electronics - I can handle the
cryptography (I'm still one notch below full difficulty, "Regional Crisis"),
and I use electronics to follow a car rather than the driving ability.

On a related note, are bugs useful at all?

Anothere related issue may be the best way to "string along" the opposition
to get a clean sweep (or close to it).  Maybe bugs and more ardent following
would let me time my arrests better?

Basically, I'm looking for some strategy tips & tricks.