Re: Etherlords II is GOLD

The campaign included in the press demo is fun as hell. :)

Jonah Falcon

"Alex Moore" <[email protected]> wrote in message
Let's see - you never finished the game but are complaining that it
has no replay value.  You can't replay it until you've already played
it once! ;-)

Actually, I never finished it either.  I thought it was a really good
game lurking inside of a mediocre one.  I'm really hoping that they've
learned from the first one and improved the game.

Russ: Yeah, as I mentioned it was tough as hell & I gave up on the
campaign, half of the way through. I really enjoyed the game & the
tactical combat was a ton of fun, not to mention the graphics were/are
so slick.

Another poster mentioned that there is a demo. I'll D/L & it give it a
try. I don't do MP (except for Age of Wonders:SM) so single player
maps are a must. It only had about 8-10 maps as I remember.