Re: Savage - Anyone playing it

On 15 Sep 2003 06:23:21 -0700, [email protected] (Alex Poger) wrote:

Has anyone tried this out (actual not beta) and what are the 
impressions. I'm very tempted just want to get some more feedback.

Currently I play Planetside, however SOE has been frustrating me with
an endless parade of bugs. It's disturbing to watch them squander a
great game. After the latest patching disaster I decided to check
around for a new game, and caught wind that Savage had just hit the
market. I got it this weekend and spent some quality time checking it

To make matters short... I'm cancelling my Planetside subscription,
and have already informed my friends that there is a new and
interesting game out that gets a thumbs up from me.

The game is a very interesting hybrid of RTS and FPS (you only play
one way at a time, your choice). As an RTS the interface is a bit
lacking, but you have the new element of having to deal with live
humans in control of your units. The FPS side is straight up gaming
goodness. The facet that your team has a comander (who is playing as
an RTS) and that you are working as a unit for a combined win adds an
aspect of completness that other games lack. It's got a unique feel,
and I like it.

I can't give you any estimate as to the longevity of the game
experience, but in the short run I find it outstanding.  :)

I'm a little suprised that they seem to be touting it as a unique experience
since Natural Selection for Half Life was doing it ages ago.