Re: 3D Strategy

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Brad Wardell schrieb:
3D is a tool. If 3D helps the developer get to their objective more
effectively then it's a good tool.

What kind of objectives would you say are most often supported better by

One obvious objective that comes to mind is the box screenshot - used to
be that 2D games had 3D rendered cutscenes so you could paste as many of
these on the box and in the other marketing material.

However, since you mention "developer" and not "marketeer", there must
be others. :)

not counting time among the dimensions here

A space tactical game would definitely benifit from 3d. Otherwise, it all
depends on the design. Some now use 3D engines for display, but just lock
the camera at a certain perspective. That has some advantage over sprites,
since you can IIRC unload more of the work to modern graphics cards