Re: Fantasy General on WinXP

Nan Wang <[email protected]> wrote in message 
Hong Ooi <[email protected]> wrote:
Possibly a futile hope, but has anyone managed to get Fantasy General
running on XP? I've still got the original CD (one of the few games I
haven't lost or ditched) and I've got a hankering to start it up again.

Mine works with no extra effort, just double click on fg.bat.  Of course, it
is not installed from the CD, I downloaded it from Underdogs.

I don't understand. If you have the CD, then why not install it from
that? Does it run in XP because you D/L FG from the Underdogs & just
use it CD for copy protection? I have FG on CD myself & I would love
to play it on XP. When I finished all the campaigns on average AI, I
wanted to throw a party because I was so damn happy!! Super tough AI.


PS: Are you getting sound? i.e. music & voices?