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Jim Vieira <[email protected]> wrote:
"Brian Trosko" <[email protected]> wrote in message
Yes, it's illegal.  But, see, here's where the whole meaning thing comes
in: Different illegal things differ in severity.  Speeding is illegal, and
murder is illegal, but only a total whackjob would try to equate speeding
with murder by calling it such.  Likewise, copyright violation and theft
are both illegal, but attempting to characterize the former as the latter
is simply hyperbole.

Actually, the attempt to characterize it as anything OTHER than
theft is simply rationalization.


I still haven't had it explained to me what, when I download a Miles Davis 
or Woody Guthrie mp3, I am stealing, and who am I stealing it from.  I 
still haven't had it explained to me how, if taping a song off the radio 
is stealing, how come the radio station doesn't need to get anyone's 
permission to play that song, and can instead just take advantage of 
compulsory licensing.  I still haven't had it explained to me how, if 
people have some sort of innate and perpetual ownership of their 
intellectual property, how a law that allows for the eventual passage of 
their IP into the public domain isn't stealing.  I still haven't had it 
explained to me how the fact I get charged a tax on any blank audio 
cassettes I buy, said tax going to the RIAA to distribute to the artists 
whose work I'm going to tape, isn't stealing if it doesn't also constitute 
a license to do so.

But by all means, feel free to explain all this, keeping mind your 
assertion above.