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I think the real point is that you think in terms of "war against
terrorism". If you have a "working knowledge" (to borrow your rather
condescending words) of history you'd know that no terrorist menace
has ever been eliminated by a "war".

And neither will this one.  The reasons for this war and why it is
part of the war on terror is multifaceted.  If there wasn't the
potential for huge amounts of cash (from oil), dangerous technology,
and weapons to go into the hands of terrorists we would leave the ME
to their own devices.  It is imperative from the standpoint of free
society that the money from oil go into the hands of legitimate
governing bodies rather than terrorists. Regardless of whether you
think invading Iraq was a good idea or not (you obviously don't), it
is crucial that Iraq with the aid of other nations create a legimate
govt that protects the rights of all it's people.  There is no
evidence whatsoever to suggest any clear path to negotiations to end
terrorism.  Nobody can say what will potentially stop terrorism short
of western society completly leaving the ME to the autonomous rule of
power brokers who portray themselves as holy men so that the tool of
religion can be used as a weapon.

So in other words you know that leaving them alone will end terrorism, but
you don't want to do it because then the terrorists will have access to
money and supplies? :)

Once again you enter the discussion by doing nothing more than parroting
back your interpretation of what people say.  You apparently assume that you
deserve you have your rebuttals addressed simply because you post.  Or
perhaps you think that you can detract from the others position because you
post inane rhetorical comments.