Re: Warlords IV retinue question

David Roy <[email protected]> wrote in message 
If you are given the use of a hero at the beginning of a scenario by
virtue of winning a previous battle (you know, "if you win this
battle, you will get the services of Evil-Guy, a demon hero, in your
next battle"), is that hero eligible to be put in your retinue?

I honestly can't remember, and I want to switch magic items in my
current battle and keep him if it's possible.


Dave Roy

Hi Dave,
I believe that once you get any unit in a scenario, they are all
treated the same - so I think you should be able to keep him. To be
honest, I usually end up killing them off or keeping my older heroes,
so its been a while. If you are not sure you can always backup your
save directory before advancing to the next battle.

Daniel Eig