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CurtAdams wrote:

[email protected] writes:

I'll add fuel to the fire by saying that I liked Civ I more than Civ II.
Sure, Civ II had a lot more to it, but I HATED that angled map view. It
made moving the units around a real pain.

Isomorphic projections may look nice but they are *not* good
for function.  There's a reason Rand McNally uses flat maps!
Plus, in Civ3's case the graphics gave an old computer of
mine headaches.

Often I find 3d units harder to distinguish than 2D.  There's
a little of this in Civ although I found it most noticeable
in Warcraft 2 -> 3.  So I'm having to buy updated hardware
to make it harder to see what's going on.  Sigh.

Interesting that you mentioned WC 2 & 3. I recently purchased WC 3 and I
agree that the unit graphics are inferior. The gameplay's not great with
all the creeps inhabiting the maps, either. I have started to design my
own maps without them. The maps are awfully similar, too. WC 3 is far
from a quantum leap forward.


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