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Rupert Boleyn <[email protected]> wrote in message 

The right to defend one's property should stop much before the taking of
another person's life - even the life of a criminal.

So, a person should be able to break into your house and menace your family
without any fear of lethal reprisal?  That notion shocks my conscience.

And you would then be charged with all sorts of crimes if you dog
attacked the intruder, and the dog put down. Afterall, the dog
could've killed him.

The irony of all this is that this is exactly the law here in Sweden.
You are only allowed to use "proportional violence", and then only to
avoid injury to yourself or other, and what constitutes a proportional
response is decided by the court post hoc, in a calm, and above all
*safe*, courthouse.
Merely the act of winning a violent confrontation with a criminal is
pretty much guaranteed to lead to at least having to pay damages, and
quite possibly spending some time in prison.

Even more ironically, our authorities are amazed that people, quite
rationally, refuse to intervene when they see crimes being committed.