Re: Remember Master of Magic? (sequel finally coming!)

In article <[email protected]>, bk039 says...

I would disagee.  As you know, an AI player for the game of Chess can be
extremely powerful, as it can do a brute-force examination of the board to
see 12 moves ahead.  If an AI for Chess can be so powerful, why can the AI
for other games be as well?

Because chess is a game where minimax analysis works really, really 
well.  It is a two-player game of perfect information.  It has tightly-
coupled tactical interactions with a large depth and a moderate 
branching factor.

Other types of games don't have these features, and a good AI can't be 
made using the same methodology.

While the argument could be the fact that moden strategy games are too
complex for an AI to brute force all possibilities, it doesn't mean it's
impossible.  There are still ways to make AI processing much easier, such
as breaking the map into zones (which in turn contain information on choke
points, resources, etc.)  

That still doesn't make them into chess, not in general anyway.  Maybe 
some games can be, but most 4X games are quite different from chess.

- Gerry Quinn