Rome Total War, tree problem

Anybody know if there's a way to turn off the goddamed trees that
extend up past the top of the camera clipping plane? Fighting in the
woods defensively, or in ambush, is documented as a great advantage,
but not if you can't adjust the camera view to be able to see *either*
your own troops or the enemy. Fighting in the woods is a sure way for
the human to lose an easy fight. Didn't they even play test that shit?
They couldn't have. They must have tested by pitting AI controlled
armies against each other. 

Anyway, somebody please tell me there's a way to turn off treetops. I
can't play eastern or african factions because the constant whistling
on the world map and wind effects on the tactical map for both the
steppes and the desrt annoy the hell out of me, and I'm sick of
playing the Romans. That leaves me with Europe, which is all woods,
all the time, with or without snow. Which also annoys me, by the way.
There should be a way to turn off annoying graphic "features" and
constant weather sound effects. For those of us who don't think those
things are cool.

I gotta say, though... this is the first game in at least a year,
maybe two, that I've played for more than a week. If some of these AI
issues and interface issues get patched, this game will be a classic.