Re: Kohan 2 last mission

"Kevin O'Donovan" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
Got to the last mission on kohan 2 at the weekend, but hit a bit of a 
problem. Got rid of all the enemy troops, captured all the power nodes, 
but when I took navaa (sic?) to the well I was unable to do anything. 
Presumably abaddon should have been there, or something. Spent a while 
making sure i'd explored the entire map, which I had apart from the 
inaccessible area bottom left, but I appear to be stuck. Before I try 
playing the level again, has anyone else had this problem?

Though the campaign was rather easy to be honest. Getting my guys out 
quickly to capture any settlement spots, combined with quickly attacking 
any enemy cities seemed to the trick in most battles. The only level I 
remember this not working properly was the one where jonas founds out his 
past in the after level cut scene. Even that one would have worked except 
I didn't realise quite how many cities there were to capture, and relaxed 
a bit too soon. I suspect if I'd carried on pushing then it too would have 
been over before it started.


Actually, you should have had to defeat Abbadon before even approaching the 
well.  He wasn't there when you sent your troops to the northern most part 
of the map?  You didn't say whether you defeated him.  Sounds buggy.

Make sure that Navaa hasn't been killed.  Just because her portrait is 
onscreen doesn't mean that she is active.  If she has died, regenerate her 
from your original settlement and move her directly into the well.  But, you 
probably already know that.  A replay is probably in order.