Re: I Remember when this NG was Great!

"Alex Moore" <[email protected]> wrote in message
Hi All: I have always book marked this WB for years now. I must admit,
it's really just "trash" now. Guys.... remember all the great posts
about Dune II "The Building of A Dynasty?" The original Command &
Conquer, Warcraft II? Master of Magic?

Yes...I'm a tad old, but this NG has fallen, hard. It was great, once.
But no more. I find peace within certain publisher's newsgroups (my
most recent love) Atari (Axis & Allies)

It's really a shame, because we all use to talk about GAMES! Not about
presidential elections, religious status etc. This NG has fallen into
the gutter! What happened? Maybe the young crowd is taking over & this
is what they have to show us? I just hope that this NG could make a
serious comeback! I guess it's just wishful thinking.....but I hope.

I know there is still some "old school" guys out there that still
takes a peek @ this NG & just shakes their head like me!


If you think it's gotten bad here go take a look at the flightsim newsgroup.