Re: anti-steam petition

"Zaghadka" wrote

Vince bolted into, wreathed in wicked, white hot
flames, and screamed...

"Zaghadka"  wrote

$20 bucks USD. I wait for all games to come down to that price. I won't
more because I need the latest.

It doesn't work like that in the UK.

Damn. That sucks. It does in the US. What happens in the UK?

All shops sell games at the same price to start with (approximately $60 - 
$70). No Walmart price-wars for us.

Some genres are not fully represented (Adventure games for example - many 
new releases will not appear in any shops).

Although shops do have sales (after Christmas for example), the vast 
majority of games don't come down in price. Ever!

In our main games outlet, 'Doom 3' is still full price -, as is 'Sims 2'

We do have budget labels, but they tend to represent much older games 
(several years old).

But we do have our own Ebay - woo hoo.