Re: No-CD Hacks: Another casualty of the shift to consoles??

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The Dells seem to have a better hardware config for Win2k/XP, plus out of the box they come with decent hardware (although the onboard sound is funky)

Or you can learn something about hardware, buy the best parts, and build a far better machine for less money, something you can change as things progress, something you won't need to throw away in 12 months.

He is talking about office computers.


No IT Admin/Support person in his right mind would pre buy components to build PC's for an office. Unfortunately the big producers have a good source of income there.

Agreed. Dell, Gateway, and the whitebox folks (e-machines et al) really make some serious money off of corps buying hundreds of boxes at a time.

On that note. I can't say that I haven't seen building boxes in house being done. Hell, I've even hand built over 100 machines before, BUT this was in the early/mid 90's and the savings were enormous! Now, it is far cheaper just to by the box system from the manufacturer.