Re: Chris Crawford Games

I read a bio on him recently -- he has been working on a project to
create interactive storytelling software for several years now.

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Hi Everybody!

My son is taking history this summer, and we got to talking about
resource management and how it affects nations (Jared Diamond's
"Collapse" et al) but I thought a computerized demonstration might
help. So I went looking for my copy of "The Global Dilemma: Guns or
Butter" and figured out after fruitlessly searching, that I had sold
it at a garage sale over a decade ago.

Hence this post.

Does anyone have a copy of any of Guns or Butter? In the larger sense,
any of Crawford's games? All appear to be abandonware, as the
companies that published them are all defunct.


My question would be: what happened to Chris Crawford?
Of all the MIAs in the game design world, his is the most