Re: End of an era 2: Reselling software may be illegal

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Check this article out:

Yep, in some licensing agreements, it is forbidden.  There is going to
be lawsuits over this coming out.  This is a possible reason why EB did
drop resell of PC software.

- Richard Hutnik

Sounda a bit like the recording companies trying to crack down on 2nd hand 
sales of music CD's which, if I recall correctly, didn't turn out to well for 
On the one had, there is more apparent justification with software - Whats to 
stop that licensed, single use copy from being used on more than one 
computer, with more than one user ?
On the other hand, its sounds on the face of it to be patently ridiculous to 
claim that this product, which is bought and paid for, cannot be legally 
transferred to another person.