Re: A space of TB 4X's

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 09:58:50 GMT, Thomas Palm <[email protected]> wrote:

on Earth with your 30 knot convoy raider and you spot a 10 knot convoy
moving along 50 miles away you can catch them in 3 hours even if they
are moving directly away from you.  Now in space, the convoy can accel
at .1 m/sec, your raider can accel 5 times faster, the raider spots
the convoy 5,000 km away; however the convoy has been speeding up for
5 days and is moving at 43km/sec. Two minutes later the convoy is
200km past the raiders, who are only moving at 1/7th of 1% of the
convoy's speed. 

So, the timescales become somewhat longer, but the raider will still catch 
up, and he might not even have to match speed, 

  How?  It will take the raider nearly 5 days to get back within detection range
and if the convoy changes course just a fraction of a degree the raider will
never see them again.

kinetic weapons only become 
more effective if the target ships are approaching at high speed while beam 
weapons don't care.

  That assumes that the ships will pass close enough to be fired on.  It would
be like you sitting in a rowboat in the middle of the atlantic waiting for a 30
knot convoy to pass close enough to you for you to stab with a boathook.

For that matter, if you know where the convoy started and what kind of 
ships it contain you can guess in advance its approximate speed and match 

  Only if the enemy is foolish enough to travel in a straight line towards the
destination.  A few waypoints in a few trillion cubic miles of space would
greatly complicate any possible intercept.