Re: Problems w/ Shrapnel/Gamers Front

On Feb 1, 1:50 am, "IdleR...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <IdleR...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
So, I robbed the kids' college fund and sent it off for my very own
copy of Dom 3.  I get confirmation, on Dec. 26th, that my $54.95 has
been duly sucked out of my account and...that's all she wrote.

It's, now, February, for all accounts and purposes, and I am still
eagerly waiting for my shipment to come in.  On Jan. 6th, I sent
support at GF a nice, friendly e-mail asking, "whassup?" and it is
just sitting on their site, marked "Awaiting Response."

So, my question is, am I being impatient or have I squandered my
progenies' chance at a better life?  Is anyone else having problems
with these guys?  BTW, this was my first (and looks to be my last)
online game purchase.


Hi Fred,

Please check the "messages" section of the customer support ticket you
created.  I'd need more information to know which ticket is yours, but
the "Awaiting Response" status means we are awaiting a response from
you.  Please accept our apology for the confusion.

If you have further trouble using our online support center, please do
feel free to send me an email so we can find out what happened to your
order and get the game in your hands as soon as possible.

Annette Brooks