Re: Shouldn't Supreme Commander work at least REASONABLY well with these specs -

I have those exact components except an ATI 9800 pro graphics card and it 
totally sucks on that machine.  On my AMD fx57 sli nvdia t800gtx with 2 G of 
RAM it runs fantastic.  All the difference in the world!

Bunboy, The people who can smile when things go wrong have found someone 
else to blame
"John Cocktosen" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
Safe wrote:
P4 2.8GHz
1Gb RAM (1xDIMM)

It's really vexing, the first part of the demo is slowing down on my
computer, it is barely playable. Forget about these 2000 unit battles,
I get barely 15fps with just the commander on screen and some fire.
All details set to low!!!!

Kindly advise me.

Supreme Commander is laughing at your hardware!  Tone down that resolution 
and quality...