Re: D'oh! GalCiv II: Dark Avatar/Gold updates through Stardock Central Only...

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Stardock Central basically being their version of Steam, or rather, 
something a bit more invasive.  Back in the GalCiv 1 days, I used it to buy 
the expansion for that, and it really screwed up my computer.

Nope. Not invasive. There _may_ be an option somewhere that makes it autostart 
but mine certainly doesn't. It doesn't start a number of mysterious services 
that remain orphaned, it doesn't change my homepage, it doesn't leave dozens of 
icons all over the place. It starts when I click on the icon in my custom 
startbar, asks politely which games I want to update after logging in, and 
shuts down when I tell it to. No nasty behaviour whatsoever. Sure, it had bugs 
in the past (like screwing up my login details each time I bought a game with 
it), but I haven't found one lately ...


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