Re: Shrapnel Games Celebrates Year Eight!

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On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 03:54:40 GMT, [email protected] (alexti) wrote:

It is not true even wrt to Simulation and Adventure. Quality of graphics 
has already reached necessary level few years ago. I wish that push for 
better graphics would stop - it's already at the point when miniscule 
improvements take huge amount of effort.


True, but Dom3 is no where near up to todays standards in graphics. I
know that developers need to start spending more resources on
improving AI and less on graphics as that is  my biggest gripe about
many games. I'm just saying nice graphics add to the overall
I agree that nicer graphics doesn't hurt (as long as nothing else is 
sacrificed for that). But I think that Dom3 has required level of graphics 
- in comparison to other strategy games, like Civ4, for example, Dom3 looks 
really good. And it's not about 3D or higher resolutions or more details. 
It's just a choice of colours, those sketchy sprites reflects the creatures 
nature well - things like that make up for lack of advanced graphics