Re: Homeworld 2 + Halo 3 + X-Wing

On Sat, 13 Oct 2007 14:10:09 -0700, GreatArtist <[email protected]>

Wouldn't it be great if you could take all three types of games and
put them into one big game where you get to alternate playing admiral,
soldier, and pilot? First you're up in space directing the battle.
Then you're flying a space fighter/bomber attacking enemy craft. Then
you get to go down on an alien planet and investigate stuff and fight
gun battles. Also the game should have a really deep story line and
great interaction with other characters. It would be really epic.

This has already been done, to a degree, in games like the Battlefield

The "soldier" part is obvious in an FPS; it's "X-Wing" the moment you
step into an air-vehicle, and it's "commander" feature has some
similarities to strategy games.

The Star Wars Battlefield also incorporated run'n'gun and starfighter
combat. There are also a number of RTS games that let you jump into
first-person mode. And there have been a number of FPS games - such as
Mace Griffin- that have starfighter combat interspersing their
ground-combat sequences.

Obviously, none of these titles meet all of your specifications; the
strategy element in Battlefield 2, for instance, is very weak compared
to Homeworld, and the starfighter combat in Star Wars Battlefront
doesn't hold a candle to the complexities of X-Wing. 

Furthermore, it's unlikely you'll ever see such a beast. Firstly, such
a game would be incredibly complex; developing such a chimera would
require the developers to write, essentially, three entirely seperate
games and then find a way to smoothly integrate them all together.
Secondly, its unlikely that such a game would have much commercial
success, since most FPS gamers wouldn't care much for the RTS
portions, strategy gamers would be annoyed by having to run-n-gun, and
the starfighter combat would only satisfy sim afficionados.

So while games might crib elements from other genres, I wouldn't hold
my breath waiting for a single game whose various elements are
comparable to titles focussed on a single genre.