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I'm not sure what group to post this to since this game defies
categorization but one thing is certain: it's one the the most amazing
games I've played in years.

It's also gorgeous, beautifully scored, inventive, fun and addictive - in short, the reason why I play video games. Thank you Kyle and Ron from the
bottom of my heart, you guys are beyond genius.

There's a PC demo version out, get it and see for yourself.

That was a fine, fine game. I would have thought it was done by a much
larger group. It goes to show you what some hard work and good people can
do. Thanks for the heads up on it. It's absolutely outstanding, and I
usually hate puzzle games.

Extra credit for one of the best game scores I've ever heard.

Sequel, please!

Seconded - still working my way through, but an incredibly fun game.

One for the engineer/architect in all of us  :)

Ever play The Incredible Machine games?