Re: Civ V - It better not be slow and based on Python, Ruby or other crap languages

Martin Wallinson <[email protected]> wrote:
C++ was used for graphcs rendering and what not, but obviously that's
not what's slow in the game (or I should say was on a typical PC 5
years ago).  The scripting language, which is where the AI and game
scenarios are created are in Python.

The graphics rendering backend was, and still is, a huge performance hog.
Look up the "harkonnen" patch sometime; it vastly improved the game speed and 
memory use over time -- and all it did was act as a shim between D3D and the 
(The patch was largely co-opted by Firaxis fixing the underlying problems)

The other games Firaxis released that used the same graphics engine (Pirates 
Railroads) also suffered from severe graphics-related slowdowns.

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