Re: Stacraft 2. What do you think?

Lance Corporal Hammer Schultz <[email protected]> wrote:
Okay, so the menu graphics had no cap on the framerate, and some
people's cards overheated and were destroyed.

This is most definitely *not* the fault of Blizzard.  If a card can
run so hot as to destroy itself, that is either due to bad card
design/poor cooling, or overclocking.

The people demanding that Blizzard replace their hardware are just

I'm not so sure.

Name one other piece of software that has this same problem.


Ok, so apparently Blizzard did something different that all those other 
software authors didn't do that caused this problem.  Otherwise, why 
hasn't this been a problem with other games?  Heck Starcraft2 isn't even 
one of those "system crushers" like Crysis was when it first relased, and 
we still didn't have reports of peoples video cards breaking down.

Oh I'm not saying the hardware and driver folks don't deserve a large 
part of the blame here.  Gracefully handling bad, possibly catastrophic 
input is their job, and they failed miserably.  At the same time, I find 
it hard not to include Blizzard here due to this not having occured before.

It's not broken.  It's...advanced.